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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  June 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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right now, tears, prayers, and pain fill a montgomery county church, friends paying tribute to 3 teens killed in a crash just hours before high school graduation. thank you for joining us, i am lesli foster. >> i am adam adam. all 3 played together on the clarksburg high school football team. tonight, what should be a time to celebrate is, instead, filled with shock and sadness. wusa 9 is at the difference maker church in dimasks where they came
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the young lives lost. >> bottom of my heart, i am so, so sorry. >> a father trying to keep it together after his son, jacob dennis, crashed his truck into a tree. >> i am telling you, jacob loved. >> he wasn't the only one that died in the crash. 2 friends and teammates were with him, carrie greene and patrick shifflet. patrick's brother at a loss for words and he shares the last moment with his brother. >> he said i loved you and drove away, and then that was the last time i ever seen him. >> patrick's mother said she is staying strong for her family and all these people here showing their love. >> it is not the plan i wanted, he wanted to play division 1 football. he wanted to be a good community member. >> they all did. these teenage boys were juniors on the clarksburgtb
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>> the bond with these young men was strong, they would do anything for a friend. brothers, and they will always remember him and carrie. >> carrie, patrick, and jacob, now gone, but not forgotten. >> all the angels in heaven watching over you. >> angels who leave an entire community torn and heart broken, holding on to each other and the memories of their friends. >> reporter: now that emotional brother, we are told, is the brother of jacob. obviously a heart breaking story. police are still investigating the crash and they tell us it does not appear that alcohol was a factor. live in damascus, wusa 9. >> difficult story to comprehend. thank you. people could share grief, and many found an outlet on social media. a
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#clarksburgstrong. >> i didn't know the guys and i feel so heart broken every time i thing about it, my prayers go out to their families. >> this from gabby, tonight made me realize so much, cherish life and friends and family, never know when your time is up. lastly, amazing to see a whole community get together, you boys will be missed so much. one more from kb. life is so short, cherish friends, tell them you love them #clarksburgstrong. >> thanks, adam. developing details in another story, dc police, a manhunt continues for the person who shot 4 people on a busy street corner during the day. that shooting at the corner of north capitol and new york avenue also led to the injury of a responding police officer and it tied up traffic for hours during the evening rush. wusa 9's garrett gar joins us live-- garrett joins u
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northwest washington with more. >> reporter: police say a single gunman came down north capitol and approached several man outside the liquor store opening fire on them. the assault and his escape were witnessed from above. the surveillance cameras installed on the corner above big ben's liquor store snapd the grain y images of the suspected shooter. his plain dark clothing and the mask covering his face make the task much more difficult of identifying him. the shooter emerged from a side street, walked to the front of the liquor store and opened fire, appearing to target one man at first. >> that victim was struck multiple times and transported to a hospital. i understand he is in stable condition, with multiple gunshot wounds. >> the suspect shot 3 other men in the legs before fleeing on foot. >> bystanders? good samaritans? >> too early for us to know if they were together. don't know. >> for the man who
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tickets next door, he saw the man run off. >> saw the dude running, 6-7 shots, then guy came out, i saw one guy lay down and the other one got shot in his stomach. >> he said he hardly blinked at the violence which he and others describe to us as unremarkable on this block. >> happens a lot. >> shootings do? >> shooting, stabbing, fighting, you know. >> reporter: as for the injured police officer, npd said a police officer on a mountain bike was rushing to the scene and hit by a car trying to cross the street. the driver stayed and the officer, like the men shot in this case here today, is expected to recover. reporting live in northeast washington, garrett. eyes on kentucky, arrangements for ali's f
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home town as crowds gather to pay respects. >> reporter: you might recognize the scene, muhammad ali center, a make-shift memorial they set up here. the ohio river is back that way to the north, over here downtown louisville, back there is west end where muhammad ali and i also grew up. this is a make-shift memorial and keeps getting bigger, boxing gloves here, faith, hope, love is what one set of gloves said . another said rest in peace, pictures of muhammad ali that take you from the time he first started boxing to the time he is standing over sunny, just about everybody has that in the house. >> i am just glad he came back home, you know, i really am. proud to be here, and i am sad but happy too. >> reporter: anyerate, we are here, it is a sad occasion but also a lot of people here are celebrating the life of this man. we are going to be
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tomorrow, there will be, the family pfbs private funeral friday-- family's private funeral friday, a public parade and funeral, send off if you will, we will be covering it, this is bruce johnson reporting from louisville. >> as bruce mentioned, wusa 9 will be there for live coverage over the next few days. watch for special reports on air and download the wusa 9 app for additional content as bruce is back in his own home town of louisville, kentucky, for this historic event. we are tracking metro tonight, the numbers, and the pictures tell the story. we are now 3 work days into metro's big maintenance surge and metro says ridership is down. it is off 27% west of boston where trains are slowest because of the work. where have those riders gone? they are in that car, in front of you, and in your rearview mirror, arlington county police say traffic is noticeably up on the roads, feeding into dc, including i-66, leeig
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route 50. on a side note, metro's board is expected to give the general manager permission to wave fairs during declared emergencies. we are all in this together, share your experiences, help us all navigate the safe track maintenance work by using the #wusa9onmetro. you can download the free app for best traffic alerts throughout the day. montgomery county police are investigating the report of a sexual assault, this happened around noon near the shady grove metro station in rockville. police have released few other details. new information on a double murder in annandale. a man got into an argument with his son in law at the family's home on beverly drive and they say he shot and killed both his son in law and his own daughter. sky 9 captured the scene as a swat team moved in and arrested him. that man is charged with 2 counts ofur
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prince george's county has ended with a guilty verdict. a jury convicted 25-year-old jermaine hails of killing melven pate, hails shot pate in 2010 during a drug robbery. pate survived but was left paralyzed. during a photo line up, he identified his shooter, with not a nod, but with the blink of an eye, pate later died from injuries but prosecutors used the eye blink as evidence. hails will be sentenced in august. bernie sanders with met by crowds of supporters back in burlington, vermont. sanders heads to dc tomorrow and will meet with the president at the white house. sanders still has not taken himself out of the race. >> after declaring victory over sanders, hillary clinton is focused on november. clinton said donald trump's personal attacks are classic behavior by a demagogue. clintold
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press trump plays to the lowest common denominator, and that it shouldn't be tolerated. on the republican side, again, trump will host a large number of campaign donors at trump tower in new york tomorrow, followed by lunch at 4 seize vens, this is all the beginning of donald trump's amped up fund raising efforts. friday evening he is expected at an event in richmond, virginia. if god had come and said lonise, you are going to do this, that, but you will have to bury 2 sons, i would say get yourself another girl. >> remembering the day that innocence died. a one on one with the mother of len bias on how she turjed tragedy from-- turned tragedy from heartbreak to hope. one couple decided to make it all work for their wedding, i am allison rae. some folks will
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40s. 6:00, 48-58, still cool by 9:00, temperatures 58-68. mild by noon. 70-75. we will talk how warm we will be tomorrow and talk about the
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it has been called the day that innocence died. >> this month marks 30 years since promising univeyrsit of maryland basketball star turned boston celtics daft pick, len bias died of a drug overdose. how his mother turned tragedy into inspiration. >> len bias's death shocked the world and his mom said his death and the deather of his younger brother, jay, 2 years later helped others to live. >> my mission, i would not wish it on anyone because if god had come to me and said, lonise, you are going to do this, you are going to do that, but guess what? you are going to have to bury 2 sons. i would say get yourself another girl. >> his unlikely death shocked the country. >> eyewitness news has learned there were
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len bias' system. >> all american just drafted by the boston celtics. >> about the happiest man. >> a prince george's county kid in the nba. >> bias arrived in cardiac arrest 6:50 this morning. >> there on june 19, 1986, came the unthinkable news no one saw coming. >> after drafted by the celtics, len bias said i am on my way to a dream come true. >> 30 years later, his mom, dr. lonise bias says the pain never fades. >> it wasn't until len's death that i was kicked into my purpose. kicked into my purpose. >> this is a word, speak without blushing. >> her powerful voice resonated, her courage inspired. 2 years later, len's younger brother, jay, a powerful 6' 6 basketball pr
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right was shot dead in a prince george's county parking lot over a girl. >> when jay died, it was a horse of a different color. i was mad with god. i wanted to fight. i took my fists and i beat the walls and i took the lamps and i threw them up against the walls. i am so clear today, if it were not my faith in god and in my lord and savior, jesus christ, i would be out of my mind right now. >> so lonise speaks to families. >> where is the passion? where is the unconditional caring? >> life is a bowl with a lemon and honey in it. sometimes it is sweet, sometimes it is bitter, and you have to take those lemons for real, and make lemonade and that there is a champion within you. >> she has a lot more to say, but it is her per
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breathless. >> 2 beautiful seeds that went down to the ground to bring forth life. >> she credits her son, 2 remaining children, michelle and eric, and now 5 grand children for her making it through every day. when i asked how she would like her sons, len and jay, to be remembered, she said as great men who died to save the lives of many. deba deba, wusa 9. -- debra alfarone, wusa 9. >> powerful story and ministry. members of the tuskiingy airman are dwindling, one is at the place reserved for the greats, whitfield was buried today, nickname marvelous mal, a combat aviator during the korean war, he set up a foundation to train athletes in africa, whitfield died last
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it is tourist season in dc, that means crowds, lots of them, for someinatesive in washington it means avoiding areas named for a president. not everyone does it like that. like this couple. >> jamie manner grew up in the dc area, from the moment she became engaged to tim toomey, she wanted her photos at those monuments and what happened next is a love story to our amazing city. ellison barber fills us in. >> reporter: walk around lincoln memorial and it is almost impossible not to walk into something, photos, coming and going, people are everywhere. one couple decided to embrace it all. >> everybody, everybody get in. >> i think it was really crowded, must have been thousands of people. photographer kept trying to clear people out to get empty background. >> we were sittingn
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blending in with the tourists and i hear in the distance, our groomsman dennis just yelling at everybody, gather around the bride and groom! >> all right! >> people started mobbing us. >> group photo. i tell you what. >> i didn't realize how many people were around me because i was so in the moment and like this is amazing. it touched my heart all these strangers were really into it. >> lot of tourists and selfie sticks. >> who knows, maybe they will all meet again. >> that would be cool. [ cheering and applause ] >> they modit an unforgettable-- made it an unforgettable moment. >> reporter: in northwest, i am ellison barber, wusa 9. >> that is pretty fun. >> the best wedding photos are always spontaneous, somebody gets an idea, get over here f you want to see a photo gallery of their wedding, check it on our wusa 9 facebook page. topper, that couple was lucky it
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record stretch of rain, but there was a glichler of sun. just a glimmer. -- glimmer of sun, just a glimmer. >> we are in good fact, almost chilly for june. started 76, then i went to 75, then in my wisdom, 74. >> you have been calibrating. >> calibrate before midnight. 74. bulls eye, 20 of 21. pressure is mountain and we will say 79 for tomorrow. that number has been pretty much steady all day. i kept it at 79. right now, 65. dew points 40s, relative humidity 42%, pretty low for this time of night. look at these temperatures, 52 damascus, you are headed for the 40s, 53 germantown, headed for 40s, 60 in springfield and 58 done fraez and 56hi
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chilly start but will lead to a perfect afternoon. bus stop temperature 48-68, thursday, gorgeous, friday night, got a shower friday still but still nice day. the weekend, hotter and unsettled but not a wash out. we are looking at increased chance of showers and storms as we punch into the hot sector of air saturday. tomorrow morning, clear, nothing hot about tomorrow. 52 in gaithersburg, 48 damascus, 53 in rockville and probably 56 downtown. by 9:00, we are loe to mid 60s, clear, comfortable, while a briez will develop in-- breeze will develop in the afternoon, it won't be the winds today, 40 nashville. by 1:00, nice day for lunch outside. 75 downtown, 76 manassas and sterling. 6:00 p.m., 78 in fredericksburg, 77 dumfries. 76 andrews and la plata. cool tomorrow night
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chilly tomorrow night. you can rest the ac tonight and tomorrow night. day planner, downtown temps, 56 to start. 64 by 9:00, 70 by 11:00, 75 with full sun by 1:00, try to diagram a better day? i don't know that we could. next 7 days, just a couple showers on friday, i think it will be dry for the nats game and on saturday we go 90. maybe thunderstorms in the afternoon but that nats game is at noon. both at 9:00. sunday, maybe storm, nice monday and tuesday, back to 90 wednesday. >> next 2 days are good. >> pretty good. >> spectacular. speaking of the nats, i know who is leading the all-star vote at second base. >> yeah, the nats have been spectacial lately, they need the votes, harper needs the votes, murphy, may was great for murphy. june started well for the nats all together. coming up, the curly w's
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♪ ♪ metro state track in full swing withmu comters feeling the impact. tomorrow morning we get you around congestion, weather and traffic on the 9's.
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few key adjustments by manager dusty baker seemed to sparked offensive power surge. anthony moved down in the line up but his average went up and the team pulled off 2 big come-back victories scoring 20 runs last 2 games and tonight they will add a lot more. nats having fun in the dug out before hand, they should. stheyhould be relaxed and enjoying everything. the offense had fun during the game, within a span of 4 batters. the nationals hit 3 home runs, nationals explode for 7 runs over the first 3 innings and bottom 5, we know about bryce's bat. here is his arm. gars ea with a single. -- garcia with
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by a mile. 10-0 in the 9th. orioles go for the sweep, big 4-run, 5th inning for baltimore. orioles win 4-0. 7 and 3, first time birdvise done it since 2014 when they went to alcs. lots of hope in charm city. busy off season for burgundy and gold, signing of 2 josh's, norman and datsun, the big contract for tight end reed and franchise tagging of cousins, other than that it has been quiet. i mean dramaless, robert griffon iii saga came to an end quickly, it has been focus since then. sometimes no drama cann mea boring, but for coach gruden the off season has been anything but. >>
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definition of boring is but it is never boring coaching these guys, great group all willing to learn and get better. it is our job as coaches, every day is an adventure getting them ready to go and try to get a practice schedule to challenge them and get them better. far from boring, that is for sure. maybe for you guys, but not for us. finally, another celebrity-filled first pitch at snoop d-o-g-g. outside, just a bit outside. he has the wind up, the stance, and little bit too early. you know. >> can we stay with that? i think the key is to see how he plays it off. that is how you tell, snoop. >> there it is. little smile heeshgs knows. he always-- smiles, he knows, he always plays it cool. >> this half of the desk is on the softball team. this half of the desk is not. >> used to play. >> i had a few error throws
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spectacular tomorrow. >> gorgeous, spectacular, beautiful. little breeze in the afternoon, but 79, and we are looking at, really, a fantastic day on friday, couple showers possible, hot over the weekend with a few thunderstorms but not a wash out. >> this makes up for the stretch of may. >> yeah, we are getting there. we still have-- >> we still have making up to do. >> we do. >> thanks for watching us. >> turn
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